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Fomei 10x26

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Fomei 10x26
  • Fomei 10x26
  • Fomei 10x26
33,3 € (Bruttó ár)
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Compact binoculars suitable for turists, bikers or fans of climbing. Compact design allows to use model 10x26 DCF in theatre or during social events. This model is manufactured with optical glass BK7. The lenses are equiped with anti-reflective coating (MC - MultiCoated).
  • Name Value
    Magnification 10
    Lens diameter 26mm
    Minimum focusing distance 5m
    Relative lens speed 6,76
    Optical output 2,6mm
    Prism glass BK7
    Lens finish MC
    Width 115mm
    Length 120mm
    Weight 300g
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    6 Stk.