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Digitalis PRO 600 + RF Receiver 2,4 GHz ajándék

Raktárkészlet: 0 db
Digitalis PRO 600 + RF Receiver 2,4 GHz ajándék
196 000 Ft (Bruttó ár)196000
A termék nincs raktáron!

Digitalis Pro is a range of top quality flashes equiped with illuminated LCD display on which you can easily control all the functions. Is possible to control the power of flash and pilot bulb separately or together. The power is set up in 0.1 steps. Ventilator for flash tube and pilot bulb is a commonplace. The bajonet for attaching the accessories is the same as for Bowens.

  • Flash output: 600 Ws
    Flash charging: 0,1 - 1,9 s
    Flash duration: 1/1900 s
    Chromaticity of flash: 5500 +/- 200 K
    Pilot bulb output: 300 W
    Chromaticity of pilot bulb: 3200 K
    Width: 11,5 cm
    Height: 12 cm
    Length: 39 cm
    Weight: 3,3 kg
  • Raktárkészlet
    0 db