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Digitalis - 600, flash head 600 Ws + RF receiver 2,4GHz ajándék

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Digitalis - 600, flash head 600 Ws + RF receiver 2,4GHz ajándék
145 500 Ft (Bruttó ár)145500
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New line of flash heads Digitalis is a new way for amateur and hobby photographers, students of photography, graphic art and advertisement or for companies product photostudios. All flash heads Digitalis are equiped by ventilator and RF receiver. This line has the same bajonet for attaching accessories as Digital (Bowens) line so it 0ers a wide range of accessories to form and soft the light. The power of the flash is possible to control in several steps: full, 3/4, 1/2, 1/4, 1/64. The power of the pilot bulb is 100 W without posibility of regulation. Digitalis line is produced in a new modern design and is suitable for use with battery generator Power Star-1.

    Flash output: 600 Ws
    Flash charging: 0,1-2,2 s
    Flash duration: 1-1700 s
    Chromaticity of flash: 5600 K
    Pilot bulb output: 100 W
    Chromaticity of pilot bulb: 3200 K
    Width: 38,5 cm
    Height: 11,5 cm
    Length: 12 cm
    Weight: 2,7 kg
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